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Establish a better blogging relationship.

Losing my love for blogging has definitely been a long time coming, there have been so many re-evaluations in my life at the moment, for example not enjoying makeup as much. The one thing that I have been really struggling with is blogging, which has made me really question whether I was falling out of love with it. Don’t get me wrong, I still love reading other people’s posts and reviews of different products, but is this something I now wanted to do?

This got me thinking about the topics I am really interested in, what I want to write about. When I started this blogging journey the ‘done’ thing was to just review beauty products and fashion trends, but blogging has taken a turn and I like it. The issue is that I struggle, with time and energy. Working full time and juggling writing posts that I am not fully passionate about is hard and draining. You go to work do your 8 hours and by the time you’re home that’s it, you just want to chill. It can be so hard to find motivation.

I feel like the content I thought I should be posting is not the content I actually want to write and this is the reason it seems like such a chore. This is why I have decided to take this blog on a bit of a journey, almost more of a diary, be 100 per cent transparent with my thoughts and feelings. Of course, I will still do the occasional review, gift guide etc, but I will do this on my own time. The content will be as much or as little as I am happy to do in that specific week. My blog should be my place and therefore filled with my content.

My way forward will now be to think of a piece of content, write it down, shoot the images and publish. No more schedules, blogging should be fun and making it too regimented for me loses the appeal when all I want is to be in love with it!

What are your thoughts on scheduled and regimented posts?

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  1. 12th November 2018 / 5:56 pm

    I’m struggling at the moment too and I think it’s the time of the year! I’m tired, the nights are dark and when I get in from work all I want to do is watch a couple of TV shows then have an early night – I’m stuck in a never ending circle of work and sleep and blogging just feels like a huge drain on my energy!

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