Helping your brand create an online presence and content that will be recognised by customers. With over 5 years experience in blogging and social media management and a variety of freelance writing jobs, I can help your business develop in the way you want it to. 

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Copy and Article Writing

Producing great copy and articles for your company ensures that customers can find you on Google and really get a feel for what you do as a business. The tone of voice and language used is essential in developing a well rounded brand and selling it to the customer. 

Things I offer: 
- SEO 
- Blogging and article writing
-Content for Press Releases and Marketing Materials
- Ghostwriting
- Editing and Proof reading

Social Media Consultancy

In todays climate, social media is a huge part of the world of marketing. Yet, some businesses don't know how to utilise it to the best of their ability. Social Media can not only promote your business, existing products and products that are still to be launched, but it can help you create and maintain a network of contacts in the industry and the local area. 

Things I offer: 
- Content Creation 
- Social posts 
- Analytics
- Training and Coaching
- Management

PR and Influencer Outreach

Influencer is a pretty new term that has stemmed from the recent surge in social media platforms, they influence people to buy products, visit websites or give people advice. Using these influencers for business purposes is a great and strategic move for your business, people listen to them as they give their views from a real world perspective, unlike placing an advert in a magazine. 
Having a blog myself, means I have connections in the blogging world and the ability to pair up your business with the right influencers, with the right fees and who I know will create great content for you. 
Things I offer: 
- Writing and Sending Press Releases 
- Influencer Outreach 
- Online Campaigns 
- Content Creation