Why treating yourself is a good thing! – The Great British Cupcakery Newcastle

Great British CupcakeryI’m just going to throw it out there, I love food. If anyone knows me, I am like the walking Tripadvisor of Newcastle, I can tell you which restaurant is good for what and can name pretty much all of the cafes. Is that a good thing? I think so.  For most of my time in Newcastle, I have been fighting a love of eating out and a feeling that I have to loose weight. BUT it’s 2018 and it is the year that I am not going to beat myself up or feel bad for eating calorific foods every now and then. I mean i’m not saying I’m going to go all out and completely pig out every day, cause that really isn’t the case. But this is the year that I focus on just enjoying myself, nourishing my body for the most but treating myself when I want too, life is too god damn short to not eat the piece of cake or the chocolate, AM I RIGHT?! 

Great British Cupcakery

Great British Cupcakery

Great British Cupcakery

Are you embracing the year of enjoying yourself like me?


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