Am I lazy cause sometimes I just don’t want to cook? AD

Now, I was never a fan of ready meals, when I moved to University, I almost made a pact to myself to not be one of them people that falls in to the Ready Meal trap. I lasted nearly the full time at Uni without buying one, but now I’m working I don’t always get the chance to buy ingredients and cook ever night. I have started to make sure that I have things in the freezer that if I want too I can just shove into the oven, but being a bit of a lover of home cooked food and a general food lover (you can read about my love of food here), these foods certainly weren’t going to be lacking in flavour.

PRESENTING…. Gourmade Foods, the delicious, home-cooked gourmet ready meals that are made with only the best ingredients.

So what is so special about Gourmade Foods that I had to write a post about it I hear you say? So, the first thing that I love about Gourmade is the fact that they are made with fully fresh ingredients and frozen with an hour of preparation. This means that there are no artificial nasties in them, which is something that is so important nowadays. As well as this, because they’re frozen within the hour, it means that no preservatives are needed!

Gourmade offers a variety of different meals, so all basis are covered. I was lucky enough to get sent a few of them to review. As I am trying to cut down on my meat intake, I decided to ask for Vegetarian meals, to give me some inspiration on things to cook.


Both the mains that I got sent were absolutely delicious, these were a Vegetable Madras and also a Butternut Squash Lasagna. I have to say that the Butternut Squash Lasagna was my favourite, it was so full of flavour and unlike anything I had had before and went down a big hit in my house.


The sides that I received were Cauliflower Cheese and Potato Dauphinoise, two of my absolute favourites. I served the Cauliflower with a Sunday dinner that I cooked for a few of my friends and it went down an absolute storm.  The Cheese was strong but not too overpowering which is exactly what you want, the same goes for the Potato’s. Both dishes were creamy and delicious.


I am super uninspired when it comes to desserts, I tend to just eat chocolate. So being sent the Raspberry Cheesecakes and the Salted Caramel Roulades, I was super excited. The desserts are the perfect portion size and are not too rich and sickly.

I have to say after trying Gourmade, I am definitely a convert to these, most of them can be cooked from Frozen which means they are so convenient especially when you’re busy. Head over to their website to find out more!


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