Enjoying Summer with Hayfever

This summer so far has been amazing in the UK, probably the hottest summer i’ve ever known, I would go so far to say that it feels like I’m abroad. The heat is my absolute favourite, any time the sun comes out I’m outside enjoying the fresh air and the warmth. There is something about sitting on the grass in the sun reading a book, or taking a relaxing walk through the forest on a summer evening.

I love the summer and being outside but do you know what I don’t love, Hayfever! Am i right? The absolute bane of my life is hayfever, I have always had it, and I have it bad. Before I lived in Newcastle, I lived pretty much in the countryside, and boy did I know it. My eyes would be puffy and I would be sneezing all of the time. Moving to the city did make it slightly better, but not by much.

For anyone who suffers with it, you know it can be a really expensive time, the packets of tablets only come with a weeks worth in, and they can be up to around £3.00 depending on where you go for them, which when you think summer is at least 6 weeks long, it can become a bit of an expense.

Recently I discovered a little business called HayMax, which stock all-natural balms that act as a barrier to the pollen. I have to say I was very very skeptical at first as nothing has really fully prevented my hayfever before, but I was proven wrong. You literally put the balm around your nostrils and the bones of your eyes and it acts as a barrier for the pollen.

I took these little balms on a real test when I went to Cornwall, we stayed in the most beautiful Eco Retreat, that was in the middle of a field. Fields obviously aren’t the best place for someone who suffers from really bad hay fever to be, but HayMax absolutely saved my life. Usually, after half a day, my hayfever tablet has worn off but the beauty with this being all herbal is that you can reapply it as many times as you want and a little tub goes such a long way. I would recommend anyone who suffers badly to give herbal remedies a try.


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