Celebrating the Small Successes

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In this day and age, we are all very harsh on ourselves, we are our worst critiques, myself included. We are built to have that drive, that need to push ourselves to keep achieving, to go for the next promotion, the next financial goal or maybe the best grades. We live in this constant state of always wanting more. But is this really the key to happiness? 

Wanting to be successful is always a great thing, but what defines your success should be personal to you. Just because the media, your friends, your family tell you that success should be seen as this ‘certain’ thing, doesn’t mean that it always has to be. The way in which you feel fulfilled is by doing things that make you happy. It doesn’t necisarily have to be this huge goal that everyone can see. Celebrate the small successes. 

Boots – Dr Marten

Why should societies idealisms and ideologies impact the way that you see yourself. If you are striving to do something that seems almost unachievable, no matter how big, or how small this should be celebrated. For some, a small success might even be getting out of the house during the day, everything is personal to you. 

Putting a large goal in place can be intimidating to many and this is why they often get railroaded and thrown to the side. Trying to do something monumental can be daunting, so break it down. Small, achievable goals. If you want to improve your anxiety, for example, take it one day at a time. Give yourself tasks, ‘I will do 10 minutes of meditation a day’, ‘I will go for a walk for 30 mins a day’, every little thing you do counts and should be celebrated. 

Let us all get out of this constant busy minded attitude, where we always want to be in the lead in the race. Instead take the time and the efforts to run the race slower, although you may not get there as quick, you sure as heck aren’t going to burn out as much as if you are going full steam ahead.

What small goals will you be setting yourself? 


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