Reasons you don’t need to be certain on your career path.





It’s a funny thing, leaving University, you have worked so hard towards something for at least 3 years and then suddenly it’s finished. You’re in limbo and you don’t know what to do, apart from applying to as many jobs as humanly possible.  You think that you can only, and should only get a job in the sector that you did your degree in. You hunt high and low and eventually find one, but as soon as you start working, you feel like something is missing, something isn’t quite right. This can be such an unsettling circumstance to find yourself in. Did I really work so hard for a job that maybe isn’t quite right for me?





This is the situation I found myself in after completing my degree in Law, I knew that I was good at it and I knew that I enjoyed my time studying it, but did I really want to spend my life doing this as a job? Did I have the passion that I really should have? It’s something that floated around in my head for months on end. I felt as though I was letting myself down and letting the people who had supported me through University down. I knew in the back of my mind that a career in writing, digital marketing and social media was something I longed for. For years I have spent hours and hours every week reading blogs, watching youtube and scrolling instagram, it was something I enjoyed. Making this my job seemed like a dream that wasn’t possible with my boring old law degree.

The break came for me not through my own choice, but through redundancy. Something that would terrify every 23 year old to death. 1 year out of University and redundant already, back to square one. But for me, this was my lucky break, somehow a bad situation became my silver lining. Although I was grateful for the opportunity that I had, I knew that I almost didn’t deserve it as much as someone who had the drive for a legal career. This is why I decided to put mine on hold. Instead of hunting for another law job, I decided to put my time in to tailoring my CV for the digital sector, I took part in online courses to build up my skills and most importantly I began applying for jobs.

In a way, I didn’t feel good enough to get a job in the marketing industry, I had no qualifications in it, only this blog and my social media channels to showcase my skills. I felt completely out of my depth, yet I persisted and it paid off. I landed my current job as a Search and Content Executive and I couldn’t be happier to have broken into the industry that I have always wanted to be in.

I’m not telling you to give up your day job straight away, but what I am saying is if you are unhappy in your career, but you’re scared to disappoint people, don’t be. You should focus on your own happiness. Do everything in your power to be where you want to be, work hard, learn new skills and put yourself out there. It sounds cliche, but if you really set your mind to it, you can achieve whatever you want.


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