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Baking Teeside with Middlesbrough Cake Fest - AD

Baking Teeside with Middlesbrough Cake Fest - AD

Middlesbrough is definitely becoming more of a place of culture in the past few years. At one point we really got a bad name, especially being deemed one of the worst places to live (which I do not agree with). 

We have begun a transformation, with the opening of Baker Street and new events such as the monthly much loved Orange Pip Market, Middlesbrough is going up in the world and it just keeps getting better.

For me though, living in Middlesbrough and the Teeside area is not about the activities, but more about the surrounding areas. Teeside is an absolutely beautiful place, we have the sea, we have the moors and even the steelworks, which at night look amazing. What is not to love. 

A new event that is coming is quite possibly the most quintessentially British thing to grace the streets of Middlesbrough. The event I am talking about is Cake Fest Middlesbrough, think Great British Bakeoff but in the Town Centre. 

To celebrate the launch of this delicious sounding event, I was asked by Cake Fest to design a cake of my favorite representation of Middlesbrough, and I chose Roseberry Topping. I have so many great memories there and any person who I bring to Teeside has to walk it with me.  


As I am no cake connoisseur , I decided to just make a simple Victoria Sponge, with strawberry jam and buttercream. Who doesn't love this classic though? I have to say, icing it was a heck of a lot harder than I thought! These bakers on Bake Off make it look so easy!  

If you can't tell, that is a man and his dog on the top (extra hard to craft).


Another fellow blogger Olivia of The Northernist baked an amazing cake of Baker Street which is her favourite area in Middlesbrough, head over to her blog to check out her post. 


Now, let me tell you this, I am no baker by any means, and as you will be able to see I am CERTAINLY no cake decorator, but the thought is there. 

Cake Fest is taking part to launch the re-opening of the Town Hall which has undergone a whopping £7.7 million pound renovation, improving an already beautiful building in to something even better. 

If you fancy heading down to Cake Fest Middlesbrough then head down to Middlesbrough Town Hall on Sunday 1st July 2018 to see some cakes that are going to be a heck of a lot better than mine! 

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