About Me

I’m a dreamer, a wanderluster and a content creator from the North East of England.
Whilst studying law at university and gaining a masters, I created this website to give myself a creative outlet from the straight-laced legal world. Quickly, writing became something that I was wholeheartedly invested in alongside taking photos.

What is this blog about?

In recent years, my blog has gone through quite the transformation, going from a beauty and fashion-focused blog to something that is more lifestyle based.

So what posts might I see now? 

I’m on a journey of research and discovery, learning all about new cultures and ways in which they promote their own happiness. So the content that you find on here will be very much reflected by this. Look out for think pieces, book reviews, and other rambling posts. But of course, my love of fashion and beauty hasn’t subsided 100%, so there will still be the odd fashion and beauty post, not to mention a little foodie article every now and then! It is my hope that I will also be travelling shortly, so watch out for some travel content aswell!

How often can I see a post?

I’m not going to restrict myself to a schedule, posting as and when I can, bringing the joy back to blogging as you will see I had a bit of a burnout this year.

Where can I contact you?

Well if you want to contact me about any collaborations or even just for a chat, head to my contact page, I would love to hear from you!


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