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Christmas Party with Caris Closet

Cari's Closet has the most beautiful evening and occasion dresses for such an affordable price! When they kindly offered to send me a piece, I leapt at the chance. It is not often that I get really 'glammed' up anymore and it felt amazing wearing such a beautiful dress for the night. 

Finding the perfect Christmas party dress is always such a hard task but looking on Caris Closet they had so many beautiful items to choose from, there is literally something for everyone, whether you want a midi, floor length or a mini skirt.  I am normally a super scrimper when it comes to clothing prices but I feel that if the quality of an outfit is good then it is worth spending money on and this as certainly the case here.

I chose this absolutely amazing Adele Floral Lace Dress which retails at £139.00. The dress is sheer  with nude panels and a lace overlay, this was a bit scary for me as I thought it wouldn't cover all my lady bits, but it revealed absolutely nothing!  When it arrived the first thing I thought was that the material is absolutely beautiful. It really felt amazing quality which absolutely makes it worth the price tag. As well as this, the dress was really true to size, I often find ordering online a difficult task but this fit like a glove. Sometimes, I think that lace dresses themselves can be really itchy and uncomfortable but I had no problems with this whatsover and partied the night away with ease. I have to say, I have never had so many compliments on a dress while I have been out than I did on this one, I think there is something so striking about it, the colours aren't completely in your face but the design is very unique.

After wearing this dress and seeing how absolutely beautifully it has been made, I would definitely say that Cari's Closet will be my new go to for evening and party dresses. 

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