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Benidorm Holidays with Holiday Gems

If anyone would have asked me if I fancied going to Benidorm on holiday, the answer would have probably been no. This summer in a spur of a moment plan, a few of us University friend decided to book a daft holiday away before we all headed off the the real world. We looked at the usual party haunts online but decided that we wanted somewhere fairly cheap and cheerful and came to the conclusion that we were going to go to Benidorm. There was a group of around 15 of us so we knew it would be the perfect place to catch the sun but also have a laugh.

While we were out there it was my birthday, we ventured away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist part to the Old Town which is actually really beautiful, a lot less of a drinking place and more of a chilled out vibe. We had the most delicious seafood meal on the sea front and then went to a tiny bar down a side street and consumed far too much Sangria. 

The rest of our time was spent sunbathing by the pool during the day and then heading out to the restaurants and bars on the night. We were spoilt for choice as there are so many places to choose from, you are literally surrounded by them.  There was also a huge mix in people there, it really has something for everyone.

We stayed in the Paraiso 10 Apartments which were self catering, they were in an ideal location, not too far from the bars but also far enough to not be amongst the hustle and bustle of everything. The whole holiday cost us around £240 each including flights which for the price you can't fall off, we had a great time and a week in the sun to celebrate finishing University. 

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