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Finding your Interior Style

I love all things interiors, literally I will sit and browse Pinterest forever on a night time just looking for inspiration for a home that I don't even own! When it comes to decorating, each person has their own unique taste, they know exactly the style that they want and the kind of things they want in it.
The lovely people at Rattan Direct have put together a guide on the different interior styles for you to take inspiration from, once you find the style that you like, you can get researching, pinning and decorating! That being said you don't need to go exactly for one style, you can mix it up a bit, play around with the space that you have and create something that is individual to you. 

My personal favourite kind of style is a cross between Scandinavian and Minimalist, I like things to be clean but also homely. I've recently discovered that buzz word that is flying about the blogging and online world 'Hygge' - meaning enjoying life's simple pleasure, being cosy and in the moment. This is something I definitely want to implement in to my house now and also my future home. It's about making your house your sanctuary, having places where you can sit and enjoy quiet time such as reading or watching a film, but having a home thats welcoming to others. 

There are tonnes of places that you can seek inspiration from when you are finding your own personal style from online to books. 

This post is in collaboration with Rattan Direct but all opinions and interior desires are my own.

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