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Autumn/Winter Lush Bloggers Event at Intu Eldon Square

A couple of weeks ago, I was very honoured to have been invited to a Bloggers Breakfast by the lovely people at Lush Newcastle. This was in aid of trying their new Autumn and Winter products and I was really excited to have a sneak peak at all of their Christmas items as they are a firm favourite of mine. 

I headed to the store bright and early at 8am and was greeted by the lovely people who work at the stores and vegan pizzas provided by PizzaStorm (which I will certainly be checking out after trying these!). 
I have to say for a morning in October, they had me feeling pretty festive with Michael Buble's Christmas album playing in the background.

After we had a chance to take some photos of all of the new products, we were divided in to groups and my groups first stop was the bath section. 

We went through all of the bath bombs, jelly bombs and bubble bars and I have a few firm favourites. 

1. The Classic Candy Mountain Bar - Give yourself the best kind of sugar rush with this sweet treat. Crumble this pink and white helterskelter under running water to create sugar-frosted peaks that will leave you smelling sweet all day. Vanilla warms and comforts while you bask in blush coloured waters.

2. Plum Snow - Tell Jack Frost to get lost and leave your nose alone. This joyfully juicy bubble bar will have you dancing in a blizzard of fruity foam. Crumble under running water to whip up a flurry of plum and Sicilian mandarin scented bubbles and let them whisk your worries away. As you bathe, a hint of osmanthus catches on the breeze with a tantalising promise of spring.
Let it plum snow, let it plum snow, let it plum snow.

3. Christmas Cracker - Let's be honest, they may have terrible jokes, ill-fitting paper hats, frogs that flop and snaps that just don't but, you can't deny that pulling a cracker at Christmas isn't a fun tradition that never fails to cheer you up. Christmas Cracker bubble bar is no exception. This bright bubble bar is bursting with uplifting lemon myrtle and lime essential oils. Neroli will ensure you're full of Christmas cheer while popping candy makes sure your bathtime goes with a bang. Whether you're pulling your own this year or sharing with a friend, get cracking

After this, we were taken to a station in which we could make our own Bubble Bar. I know that lush do maker parties in the store, but I have never attended one so I was really excited to make my own products. We made the Sunnyside Bubble bar and let me tell you, there was glitter floating everywhere. I mean literally I was head to toe in black and left looking like i'd been rolling in glitter. 

 As you can see, I tried to make a heart but it didn't really turn out as I had planned!!

 After making our bubble bars, we were taken to look at the soaps and shower products. 

I have never used any of Lush's soaps before but we were shown all of them and one that I am definitely considering purchasing is the Golden Pear - I absolutely loved the smell of this. Described on the website as 

'A jar of pear purée
Murumuru butter

Warming cardamom oil

Some agave syrup

Brazillian orange oil

Organic cocoa butter
A drop of almond oil
Five Golden things!
Sandalwood oil
Creamy coconut
A whole organic clove...
...Are all part of Golden Pear soap'

And it comes in a really cute pear shape which would look nice sat in your bathroom for all your festive guests to see.

The theme of Lush this year is 'Naked' - meaning the products are package free making them more environmentally friendly! I love this concept as Lush has always been one to lead in innovation in the cosmetic industry. 

As for scents, the absolute favourite Snow Fairy is back as i'm sure we're all happy about. I did discover a new scent thanks to a few bloggers and that was Twilight. I absolutely am in love with it, I purchased a bottle of it and haven't stopped using it in the shower on a night. It calms me and leaves me ready for bed! 

All of the Shower Products are now available in the 'Naked' form which means you can get your favourite and be a bit kinder to the environment.

I had an absolute blast at this event and it's really made me want to try more Lush products in the future. Thank you to the people at Lush and thank you to Eldon Square for hosting us. 

Here is a link to check out all of the lovely products that they have to offer this season - Halloween and Christmas.

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