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New House: Bedroom Interior

I've recently moved in to my first 'grown up' house, it's still rented but so long are the days of student lettings. With the aim of spending the next few years in this flat, I wanted to make it as cosy as possible. 
I really love minimal furniture and colour schemes so I was opting for greys, pinks and whites. I've found that Primark actually do really affordable and nice bedding. This marble bedding set was only £14 for a king size, then not much more for the base sheets and extra pillowcases which I thought was an absolute bargain. As well as this, I always buy decorative cushions from Primark as they do a great selection and the plain fluffy ones are £6 for two!
When I first moved in, my room was looking a bit bear and lacking in furniture. I picked up these square shelves from Ikea, they're not the signature ones, but a cheaper version that was £29. They don't seem as stable but for what I needed them for they are perfect. 

I have also developed a love for plants this year, I literally want to make our house a jungle, which will come eventually! These cactus and plant pots were 99p from Ikea which is a bargain, as well as these I have an Ivy plant that I picked up from my local garden centre. 

I also found some of these white blinds on the VELUX Website (here) which are really nice and fit in with my interior perfectly. I would also love to get my hands on some plain grey curtains to make my room a tad more homely. 

It is still a work in progress but so far I am loving the items that I got hold of and I managed to spend such little money!

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