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My Skincare Saviours

In the summer months, my skin is usually glowing, especially if I go on holiday! However, this year has been a little different. I have suffered a lot with really dry and cracked skin. The particular problem areas were underneath my eyes. They were puffy, red and generally really sore, this isn't something that is exactly ideal so I figured that I needed to do something about it. 

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with the brand Herbalife, they offer health and wellness products and are well known for their shakes. But, I bet you didn't know that they actually offer skincare, all natural, fuss free skincare (and it's really good too!) 

I was sent  a few of their range to try and it was just in time as it was in the midst of my skin nightmare. 

The hero of the pack for me is their Daily Glow Moisturiser. Did you know that it can double the skins moisture for up to 8 hours! The thing that I loved about this was that although its was a gloomy heavy duty moisturiser, it didn't feel tacky or thick on my skin, it really just left me hydrated. 

Another fave of mine was the hydrating eye cream, as I said earlier under my eyes were a major problem area and it was really noticeable. After using this for a few weeks it literally changed the texture and look of my skin back to how it was before any issues. This was one of the first eye creams I have ever used and noticed a difference by using it once or twice a day and I loved it. 

I absolutely loved trying out these products as I can often find that I struggle getting in to a skincare routine but with these it was easy! Once my skin had cleared up and was back to normal, I found that incorporating them with the Estee Lauder Tinted Moisturiser gave me that perfect summer glow that I had wanted all season. 

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