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Gym Clothing Lust List

I've been really in to the gym recently, its very cliche seen as though it's the New Year and I know that people always turn their noses up at New Years resolutions, but if it's a motivation then who cares. Im finding that being in University daily carrying your gym clothes around with you is a massive hassle, so I have been looking for clothes that can suit both studying during the day and then popping to the gym afterwards. Transitional clothing is so hard for me to find because I am such a glam person, I like my hair and makeup to look good at all times so getting used to being casual on a day to day basis was hard for me.

Maniere de Voire have been my go to website to find these pieces, they offer casual clothing that is super comfy, but still has so much sass and is on trend. I am also loving the nude colour palette and this is something that they do so well. I love the added mesh inserts for detail, most gym clothing all looks the same but these really help you stand out in the gym. They are definitely on my lust list for this year. You can find all these Kardashian-esque womens gym wear pieces on their website.

Have you been hitting the gym recently on that New Year health kick?

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