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Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Self-Tan Spray

As you all know, I love having a tan and maintaining it with a bit of help throughout the year. I am always keen to try out new brands and different styles of tan. You would think that I would have tried Fake Bake before, but I haven't even though it is such a well known brand. 
Beyond Bronze is actually a sister brand to Fake Bake and is a lot more affordable with the average bottle being around £15. The range has the normal long lasting tans and also instant ones so they really cater for all situations. 

Im not really used to the application of a liquid spray as I normally stick to mousse applicators, so this was really a first for me. In the box you get two pink gloves and an additional tan mitt, you wear the gloves underneath just so there is no leakage. I found that this was so easy to apply, a few sprays and then just rubbing the product in circular motions around like you would a normal tan and within  a few minutes I was left with a flawless streak free tan! 

The colour of this tan is also amazing, no orange patches, a real golden bronze shade which I love. This tan is another great one to add to my collection and I would definitely repurchase it. 

The tan is sold in Boots across the country and also online at the Fake Bake website!

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  1. I am such a tan lover so I will definitely have to try this! x