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Sunshine, Summer and Practical Clothing

I don't know about you, but I bloody love the summer and I love being able to wear little dresses and comfy sandals all day long. 
If I could live a life where these are all I wore I would, but we all know in England that really isn't possible at all. 

I am currently having a love affair with a pair of shoes that I never imagined I would have one with and these are my trusty black Birkenstocks, if someone had said to me a few years ago you're going to get a pair of them and wear them every single day I would have laughed and called them old women shoes! The truth is, everyone needs something comfy that you can walk for miles on end in and these are them and I don't care if people think they're ugly because I love them and I haven't taken them off since I got them... sorry not sorry. 

When in Barcelona I picked up this beautiful pale blue smock dress/playsuit and I have never been in love with a sun dress more than this one, it is super comfy, makes me feel like an absolute tanned goddess and is super practical because even though it blows up in the wind... its a playsuit underneath. AND IT HAS POCKETS! I mean what more could you possibly look for in an item of clothing, if you have a suggestion, you tell me but until then catch me in my old lady shoes in the garden in my very much practical dress! 

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