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Instant Effects Instant Lip Review

Hello my lovelies, I know it's been a super long time since we spoke, but I have honestly just been relaxing and enjoying my summer. This year at University was super tough and I just felt like I really needed a break from everything and some 'me' time. 

While I was away, I have been trying out a super new products called Instant Effects, this comes in two forms you can get it for your eyelashes, making them longer and more defined. Or as I chose, the Lip plumper. 

I am someone who has always wanted fuller lips but I don't have the money or the guts to get injections, so much can go wrong and they're really not an easy decision. 

Instant Lip Plumper is almost like a pen applicator, you twist the end of it and the product gets dispensed on to the brush and then you glide it over your lips.... Simple as that. 

I am very sceptical about things like this, but I can honestly tell you that this did make my lips look fuller and without that horrible burning sensation you get from some products like this. I wouldn't say it was a drastic trout pout, but a little subtle enhancing that looks seriously good under matte lipsticks especially. 

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