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Benefit Brow Products Launch

If you didn't know Benefit were releasing some amazing new products then you really must be living under a rock! This is the biggest launch that Benefit has ever done and it 100% lives up to all the hype. They have completely revamped old brow favourites and added others to the collection. There is literally a product for everyone from the bushy brow gals to the barely there gals. 

As well as a whole new range, they have brought out 6 shades rather than the normal 'light/medium/dark' which is the usual for brow products. This is really exciting because as a brunette I often found that medium is too light and dark is pretty much black! 

Kabrow- This is a gel/cream pomade. Making precision super easy, however I would recommend using a light hand and the 'less is more' approach with this as the colour payoff is super pigmented. 

Goof Proof Brow Pencil- This is my favourite in the range, it's a soft pencil much like the type I use every day. It is so easy to use and takes the least time, perfect for every day! It is also the easiest to correct your mistakes.

Gimmie Brow- This is a benefit classic that has been revamped! It's a brow gel that adds tiny little fibres to your brows to make them look thicker and even out any patchy bits. This is great for setting the brows and finishing them off.

Brow Zings- Another old favourite and also the first brow product I ever used. The product itself is exactly the same, a wax one side and a powder the other, the packaging has just had a much needed update. 

3D Brow Tones- A brand new and one of a kind product that is basically highlights to your brow. Sounds scary, but they're really subtle and just give you're brow a bit of dimension, especially for those who have duller dark brows. 

Browvo conditioning primer- This is almost a skincare product, you use it morning and night as part of your skincare routine and it gives you nourishment and encourages growth. On application it also makes the brows appear a lot fuller. 

Ready Set Brow - This is a clear brow setting gel that is used as a finishing touch to them brows helping them last 24 hours. 

Precisely My Brow Pencil - This is a bit like the Goof Proof Pencil but is a lot thinner and more precise, helping you achieve them sharp brows! 

As you can see, Benefit have really made an effort with this launch and I can swear that when she used the products on me at the counter I loved every one of them and will be starting to build up my collection as I love them so much! 
Have you tried any of the new products?

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