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A Sunny Day Out in London

I have travelled to the south of England for a week to stay with my lovely housemate, this meant one thing and that was going to London!

It may not seem like a big deal for most people  but when you live as North as me, you don't often get the chance to go in to London as it is a massive expense. I have done all the touristy places before and was ready to have a chilled day exploring in the sun.

We first headed to Camden which is somewhere I'd never been before and as it was a Sunday it was all hustle and bustle which is something I love. We wandered round and looked in the market which had some really lovely cute shops in. A lot of them reminded me of the kind of things that were sold in Thailand! I loved that there was such a variety of people there, it made people watching so interesting.
We decided that we would get some lunch at the market as it was quick and cheap. I opted for some asian food and noodles where as Tobyn went for indian. I think the market is a great place to eat for all ages as there really is such a variety of foods on offer.

After wandering around Camden we headed to Covent Garden for a more sophisticated drink, we picked a spot just to the side of the main square and outside because it was really warm and sunny. I will warn you that it is not cheap here and my medium wine cost me about £7 but it is worth it to people watch, I could have quite happily sat there all day in the sun.

As it was so lovely in the sunshine we headed to Hyde Park to chill on the grass and relax. I picked up a delicious iced coffee from a little cafe within the park and we laid there for a good hour chit chatting and watching the world go by.
The one thing I noticed in London was that there was always something happening and at that time there were a group of people dancing on roller blades and skates which looked faaaaar to energetic for me!!

I absolutely loved my little day out and really hope I can visit London a bit more in the future.


  1. London is such a beautiful city, I love it!

    P.S. - what kind of font did you use on your header? It's gorgeous!

  2. London is such an awesome city! I love the photos you took <3