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Outdoor Hands: My Dry Hands Saviour

I have been really run down this past month with lots of exams on the horizon and spending 12 hours a day in the library it really does have bad effects on your body. Not only was I tired and lethargic, but I noticed that my skin was feeling really dry and dehydrated because of the air conditioning. I knew my normal handcream wouldn't cut it this time and it was time to try something a bit more heavy duty. 

Outdoor Hands is an intensive cream designed for those who are battling the outdoors a lot and is paraben free. It is designed using a unique blend of nourishing natural butters, botanical oils, vitamin E and aloe vera.  

I have to say it really has made a world of difference! Although I haven't been working outdoors etc like what it is designed for, who cares! It has saved my hands from being cracked and dry and that is all that counts. I also really love the smell, it is fresh and non offensive unlike some thicker creams. I have especially noticed that it really sinks in to the skin easy which lets me easily get on with tasks after applying it rather than waiting for 5 minutes.

If anyone is a keen outdoors person or just suffers particularly badly with cracked hands especially when under the weather I would give this cream a go and it is really generously priced at just over £6 for a tube. 

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