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Mococo Jewellery: Daisy X Laura Whitmore

I had an amazing opportunity to work with an amazing online jewellery retailer called Mococo they offer premium brands online such as Pandora, Thomas Sabo and many others including the one I'm talking about here which is Daisy London. They are a great online website and it is so fast and easy to browse around and find exactly what you're looking for which saves so much time as opposed to wandering around all the shops and getting distracted. 

They sent me this amazing Daisy London Necklace from the Laura Whitmore collection to try and I am in love with it. I have heard of this brand before but it wasn't till I was browsing around Mococo that I realised how lovely it is, especially this collection. I don't really own much high end jewellery and I feel like these are really good pieces to start investing in as they are so versatile and can be worn day to night.

The necklace is longer than average which is great for layering and I especially love the little engraved writing that says 'you're lovely' on it. The collection itself is based around music as you can tell as the necklace is in the shape of a plectrum which gives it that kind of edgy feel. All of the jewellery is also sterling silver and of a very good quality. 

My experience using Mococo as a jewellery retailer has definitely been a good one, everything is done quickly and efficiently and they house all the best jewellery brands under one site which is even better! 

If you want to check out more pieces from the collection find them here.

*Also want to shout out to their lovely PR time for picking this beautiful necklace*


  1. Hey, Hey! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. I am a huge fan of your blog and find your content inspiring. I loved writing this post and believe you deserve some fellow blogger love which is why I wanted to nominate you. You can check out the post over on my blog Sorry if you have already been nominated and I can’t wait to read your posts. Make sure you send me your links.

    Love Carli x

  2. Oooh, had no idea about this collabo! It's such a cute piece, perfect for festival season. :)