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Staying Healthy Over Revision

It's that horrible time of the year again, where the Uni/College work mounts up and stress levels are high. Spending crazy amounts of time in the library and not enough time looking after yourself. 
I'm sure this rings a bell to many people reading this, me included. 

I often struggle to take meals in to University and control what I am eating, opting for the pre-packaged sandwiches and EatforLess (if you know, you know). It just seems so unrealistic to have to carry at least two meals worth of food in to University every day as well as text books and various other things. 

The main thing I have been concentrating on is having a nice healthy breakfast and making sure that I take fruit and other goodness for snacks. I know it's not the best to reach for chocolate every day - which I can assure you, I really want to do! 

I've been starting my day with porridge or this amazing cereal from Sown & Grown. I am a complete lover of Granola and this one really is tasty. I opt for the raisin granolas usually but I got the opportunity to try apple and blackberry and this really is yummy. I find that on its own it fills me up until snack time, or paired with some greek yoghurt and other fruits. This brand is now available in Sainsburys if any of you fancy trying it!

The snacks that I have been reaching for are ones that I can pick at over a period of time. If you watch Zoe and Alfies videos you may have seen these as they were in a food subscription box that they opened. Nothing But are dry freezed fruit and vegetables, at first I have to admit I was very wary because I am funny on textures of foods, but these are so moreish. I have to say that the fruit versions  of these are my favourite because I have more of a sweet tooth than savoury. These are perfect for popping in your bag to the library. These are now sold in Lloyds Pharmacy for 99p a packet if you fancy picking up a pack of them on your study break. 

Lastly, lets talk about drinks, I am an absolute sucker for coffee, sweet coffees, caramel lattes, frappes, you name it and I'll enjoy it. These are such calorific drinks to enjoy and I really have to limit myself to them. The lovely people at Vita Coco sent me their new Chocolate Coconut water range and I have literally fallen in love, they taste exactly like chocolate milk! I loved coconut water anyway and have always been a fan of Vita Coco, but these have changed my thoughts! As well as tasting like chocolate milk they contain no dairy and are gluten free so most people can enjoy these! I find that they really satisfy that chocolate craving when I'm in a bit of a slump. 

Revision can be a really tough time for all and it is so important to try and look after yourself as well as doing your work, good luck to anyone working hard!


  1. Eee that chocolate coconut water sounds amazing! Cannot wait to try that out! I like the sound of that granola also!! xx

  2. That vita coco drink sounds promising! I need to check if Australia stocks this! Thank you for sharing!

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