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Patong Phuket 101 - A Guide to a Month in Thailand

From Chiang Mai we took a flight with Thai Smile to Phuket. The flight itself was lovely, I would recommend doing internal flights with this company as everything was more than comfortable. 
We knew from the outset that it was raining in Phuket so we were fully prepared. When you go to Thailand in the summer that is monsoon season so you have to expect a bit of rain...and when I say a bit, it absolutely poured down. 

I knew that Patong was very touristy but when we arrived, it was not what any of us expected at all. It was by far the most westernised place we had been. Imagine a strip in a popular Spanish destination with bright lights and loud music, this is what Patong was like. It was almost a culture shock in itself coming from the calm and chilled city of Chiang Mai to the hustle and bustle of Patong. 
Luckily the hostel we stayed in (Kool Backpackers Hostel) was very friendly and we met some lovely people that we spent the two nights there with.  The place was clean and modern, with a great social area which really was the highlight of our stay in Patong! The rain in itself tainted the place for us as I guess if it had been sunny we would have been able to go on to the beach and chill there. The whole place of Patong seemed very seedy to me, there were girls dancing in barely any clothes on the bars and lots of older guys lusting over them. Overall, it was a very strange place in my opinion. I feel like you have to experience it yourself to be able to comment, but it is safe to say we were glad we only spent two nights here.

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