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Wedding Guest Outfit Wishlist with Romwe

I know a lot of people who are going to summer weddings this year, and finding an appropriate outfit is always difficult I find. I always want to buy them gorgeous floral but expensive Ted Baker dresses, and I really cannot afford them at all. I have recently found a website called Romwe which is super super affordable. They have amazing clothes on for as little as £5. All the items pictured above are under £15! What a steal!! I love each of these outfits, I think they're classy and sophisticated yet super girly. This is something I think is a must at a wedding, because you have to find things that are appropriate and modest. I know a lot of these kind of dresses can be hard to come by especially when I live in Newcastle which is full of clubbing kind of clothes! 

I would really recommend having a browse of Romwes site because there are so many amazing bargains to be had and everything is so on trend. 

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