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Gems in Newcastle: Grainger Market

When I hear people talk about Newcastle, I never ever hear them mention about Grainger Market, and it is an absolute gem in the heart of the city. 
Grainger city is a social hub made up of tonnes of different independent retailers, you can get everything from fruit to bath bombs inside and they are all local. 
The highlights of the market for me are the darling people at The French Oven, a bakery and patisserie. If you're passionate about cakes which I know I am, then this is the perfect place for you. They do many gift boxes as well which is fab news as you can take them home for your family to share over easter with a cup of tea. 
My favourite of the boxes is the 10 cakes for £10 which I got the joy of sampling (no I didn't eat them all myself). This contains 10 favourites such as peach melba, victoria sponges and many more.
The other thing which smells delightful is the freshly baked bread from there, my mouth is watering thinking about it. 
They also do an afternoon tea box for 2 which is an amazing £12 that contains goodies such as sandwiches and the northern love a sausage roll. 
Aside from the fab gift boxes, their produce can be bought individually and they are great to buy as an after shopping treat for yourselves and others such as the family.

Another thing that I love within the market is the little shops that you can get discounted makeup at, it is ideal for a student and you can really get some great bargains. 

However, the most used area of the market for me is the fruit and veg market, everything just seems fresher and tastier from the market rather than the supermarket. I also think that it is a lot better value for money as you can get so much more. 

I really think that everyone passing through Newcastle or anyone who lives here should go and check out the cafes, shops and stalls within the market. It is important to support local independent businesses in your area, and you can often pick up much better produce. 

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  1. This looks like such a lovely place to visit and your photos are just gorgeous!

    Lucy | Forever September