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Easter Weekend Plans

(source: Good Food)
(source: Pinterest)
 My plans for Easter Weekend normally involve a lovely English Sunday dinner with the family, it's almost a tradition. Living near the countryside also means that after dinner or on one of the days we will head out for fresh air and take a nice walk to clear your head which is something I am a firm believer in. I will always head home for Easter weekend, whether I am at Uni or not.
I know some people's plans differ and I think one fab way which I would love to do when I am a bit older and have a house of my own is have an Easter themed garden party (or house party - english weather is rubbish!). I think that it would be super cute to make little easter cakes and decorate them. If there are children in your family, play games such as pin the tail on the Easter bunny or even a little Easter egg hunt which I used to love doing when I was young. 

If your neighbours are friendly and nice then play some music outside using a little portable speaker such as these Panasonic Wireless Speakers and have all the family round. 
I've been searching the web for inspiration and found these really simple Nest Cakes on Good Food which would be really easy to make and children could get involved to!

One for the adults might be Easter themed cocktails - strictly adult only though! These ones on Country Living look super amazing and would really impress all of your guests! 
I really love decorating for the holidays and there is so much inspiration on the internet, especially now we have websites such as Pinterest! There is everything from hanging Bunny Rabbits to Easter themed table cloths. 
I really feel like in the holidays it's a great way to spend time with your family and get everyone involved in activities. 
I know a lot of people have different traditions on seasonal holidays and I love hearing about them, so if you do pop them below for me to take a read!


  1. My Easter traditions involve a Sunday Roast with family too and sometimes family friends will pop over too! In the past me and my sister would have an easter egg hunt just for us and the older we got the more competitive we were haha. The idea of an Easter garden party sounds so cute - definitely need to check out these Easter cocktail ideas too :) x
    Charlotte's Road

    1. Oh thats lovely! family traditions are always the best xx

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