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Chiang Mai 101 - A Guide to a month in Thailand

Chiang Mai is a city in the North of Thailand and is known for its traditional less westernised mannerisms as opposed to the very less cultured southern part of the country.

In terms of transport, to get from Bangkok to the city, we took a very common method of an overnight sleeper train. This sounds quite daunting and scary to someone who is completely new to the world of travelling (which we all were). We had a 2nd Class air conditioned sleeper and it really wasn't bad at all. You board at around 7pm and the journey lasts for the whole of the overnight and arrived at about 9am or around then. I would say it's not the best sleep you are ever going to get, but it's definitely an experience worth doing.

We stayed in a lovely guest house which was right in the old part of Chaing Mai, close enough so we could walk everywhere we needed to be. We knew as it was right up close to the jungle we would partake in some kind of excursion/treck and these are available to book on to in all of the tourist informations and also at most hostels. 

Aside from the jungle, Chiang Mai has such a chilled out vibe especially compared to Bangkok which was a nice contrast. I have to say the heat seemed to be a lot more unbearable here, for example my friend Taylor and I hired some bikes for the day and we really struggled just to cycle round the city.
There are tonnes of gorgeous temples to see as there are in most towns/cities in Thailand. 
In terms of night life, we met some fellow travellers in our guest house and headed to a place called Zoe in Yellow which is located in a very large complex of different bars. We had a great time here, but after coming back and reading horror stories about it I would definitely say to air on the side of caution when you go there. 

I loved Chiang Mai and we spent 4 days here, one which was spent in a near by hotel's rooftop pool relaxing. I think it is the perfect stop of point after the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and to really get more of a feel of the traditional less westernised culture. In terms of cost it was significantly cheaper than Bangkok.

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  1. Chiang Mai looks stunning! I've never been further afield than France but would love to travel around Italy and Asia some day! x