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Valentines Day with Ringtons*

Valentines Day is a funny one isn't it, you don't know whether to buy presents...what to buy or whether to do anything at all!

It comes around every year, and it's like the world either turns in to absolute soppy romantics or pretends not to care at all. We All know that if you have a loved one, you think about what you're doing, whether it's going out for a meal or just showing them a bit of love and that you care.
For many people, they're not bothered about really romantic things such as flowers/chocolates and sentimental things. It's the thought that counts, not the present. 

If you're looking to get your not so romantic other half something, knowing they'll cringe at the thought of anything remotely affectionate, then why not have a look at something different.
I would never have thought to look at these Ringtons gift boxes as something to buy, and looking at their website they have a good few on offer, for the tea lover and even the coffee lover.

Ringtons sent me this gorgeous tea lovers box, which comes with 100 lovely tea bags, a Mrs mug and also some delicious chocolate biscuits (I can tell you that for a fact cause they're nearly all gone!).
I mean what girl isn't happy with tea and biscuits?!? 

If you fancy getting a different and unique present why not have a look at their website, it doesn't have to be for valentines it can be for any occasion. 

This specific box can be found HERE

*This post contains a PR sample that was sent to me for review but I can assure you that all views are my own irrespective of this.

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