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Rose Gold Henry Watch

Im not really one to wear a watch all the time or to fantasise over getting one for a special occasion, so when I won one I was over the moon. 

The lovely Ellie Rees ran an Instagram competition in collaboration with Tic watches to win this gorgeous rose gold Henry watch. And luck me I won! I was so excited, to be honest I forgot I had entered it so when I got the notification I was so shocked. 

I have really skinny wrists, this meant I had always struggled to buy watches and it had meant that I never really thought to get the usual Michael Korrs watch that most people get for one birthday or another. 
When I won this I was a little nervous that it would be big and look silly. Luckily, it was just the perfect size face to fit and still look nice on my wrist. 

I love the look of this watch, I'm not much of a blingy person, I prefer subtle class rather than the bigger shiniest watch. I think this watch is really classy, the rose gold makes it feminine but the large face still gives it the modern look. 

What I also love about this watch is the fact that it has an adjustable strap, rather than taking out the links you just slide along the clasp, this makes it so much easier. 

Henry watches are so affordable and I would definitely purchase another one as I have had loads of compliments on this! 

Thanks Ellie and TIC watches!

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  1. Your welcome doll, glad you like it and that it fits! Pictures look gorgeous !