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GOSH Lumi Drops in Peach

I saw someone post about these on twitter and I knew I had to have them and they're super affordable!

I am a sucker for highlighter, it adds to that bronzed goddess kind of look that I go for, when I saw that GOSH had released these I pretty much ran to Superdrug to get my hands on them. I chose the shade peach because the lighter shade was a bit too pale/white looking on me because I have more of an olive undertone to my skin. 

These really remind me of the MAC lustre drops but so much more affordable at £7.99, I mean how could you resist. 

I've found a great way to wear them is to drop them in to your foundation on the back of your hand and mix it up and it really gives you a 'lit from within' kind of glow. I am loving the dewy skin look at the moment so I then put them on the tops of my cheek bones aswell and they smooth out to a gorgeous glow as you can see by my swatch. 

I know the colour of the product is quite dark, which some people might find daunting, but don't worry the blended colour is not nearly as pigmented as you thing which is great. These really are an affordable alternative to some of the more high end highlighters. I don't think the packaging reflects the cost either as it literally is so minimal and I love that it has a droplet system which makes the wastage of the product minimal. 

You can pick these up at Superdrug or on their website in the UK.

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