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Get the Glow with NKD Skin Tan

I am an avid fake tan user, I mean what Northern lass doesn't love that all year long glow right?!

The lovely people at NKD skin tan contacted me and offered to send me some of their products and I was literally ecstatic! 
The package came complete with Love Heart sweets, just in time for valentines day and also a little reminder of when I was younger. 

NKD skin is under the high end brand Vita Liberata, but it is a more purse friendly price. I love the packaging of this tan, it has some serious tan and body inspiration on the front of the bottles, I mean look at it!

The first thing that really had me in love with this tan is the fact it doesn't smell, there is no strange biscuity scent that comes with most fake tans. It almost smells like aqueous cream, which is a scent that I can definitely handle. 

I have tried both the products from the box, firstly the Instant tan mouse is amazing! I put this on an instantly it gave me a gorgeous glow. It then develops over 4-8 hours so, so I put this on before bed and slept in it, when I woke up I looked like I had been on holiday it was fab. 
I then washed the tan off and it left me with a gorgeous bronzed look that lasted a good week or so. 

Now on to my favourite... the gradual tan! I love gradual tans, I try and put them on at least twice a week if not more. Again this doesn't smell which is amazing! As you can imagine a gradual tan does what it says on the bottle, it's more of a moisturiser rather than an instant tan and it then develops. I have recently put this on twice this week and this is the gorgeous colour that it gave me. 

I would really recommend  trying this tan, it is by far my new favourite and I love that I got the opportunity to work with this brand. 

You can pick it up in your local Superdrug and they RRP at under £15 how amazing! I'd pop down now if I was you!


  1. ooh I haven't actually heard of this brand but I am definitely a huge tan lover! I'll have to check these out! x

  2. I've never tried the gradual tan but I used to use the mousse and I loved it! Such a gorgeous colour and as you said, there's no weird buscuity smell!

    Lauren |

  3. I loved reading this post! I love looking out to try new fake tans and I've never tried this brand. You're right, I'll have to pop to Superdrug! x