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Makeup Revolution Haul

OKAY so its a little bit of a lie that this is a haul...

I was actually browsing Makeup Revolution online and I thought, I'm gonna look at their after Christmas sale and see what gift sets are on offer. I saw the Ultra Professional Collection down from £20 to £10. What a bargain, so i popped it in my basket and patiently waited for it to come in the post. 
This is the biggest gift set that they do and lets face it it's pretty impressive, look at all the stuff inside it! It contains 3 brushes, 2 lipsticks, an eye primer, an eyeliner, lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, a contour kit, a single highlighter and lip-glosses. WOW. 
Now I have to say, I'm not a lipgloss fan at all, in fact I very very rarely wear them, so these were the least impressive for me, but thats just my personal preference.I do love the nude colour lipstick I think it works really well with a nude lipliner, its my current go to look. 
I also love the contour kit, the blush is really peachy which is great because that goes better with my skin tone. The highlight is also super pigmented. 
The product that I am surprised that I loved so much was the eye primer, I've never used one before and I find that it just makes my eyeshadow go on flawlessly.

Literally I love Makeup Revolution, they're so affordable I would fully recommend anyone to check out their website. 


  1. This set is such a bargain! I've never tried Makeup Revolution before, so it would be a great way to try some of their best bits!
    samantha xx

  2. I love this make up range especially the shade blacl heart.