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Angel Share Edinburgh Review

When Bouba and I went to Edinburgh we were really stuck on places to eat, when my Mum recommended this restaurant we gladly booked ourselves a table.

There are so many places in Edinburgh to get food, it was such a difficult choice, my mum showed us a picture of her burger that she had had here ad we were sold. 
Angel Share is a hotel situated at 9-11 Hope Street in Edinburgh which is not far from the glitzy shops of George Street. 

We studied the menu for a while, and although we wanted to have the delicious looking burger my mum had, we both opted for something a little more traditional.
We had the 'Chicken Supreme on Haggis Stovies with a Laphroig Whisky Sauce' In non fancy restaurant talk this was a chicken breast with a haggis mash and creamy sauce. It was divine, the sauce was rich and so was the mash, although there may not seem like a lot on the plate, the food was so tasty that you weren't left hungry at the end. We also ordered a cheeky side of Onion Rings because everyone loves them. 

We also decided to treat ourselves and get a pudding of 'Chocolate pot with Scottish Shortbread' The chocolate itself was so rich and sickly, but when it was combined with the shortbread it was amazing. Neither of us could finish the chocolate but of course we managed the shortbread (when in Scotland you have too). 

The Decor in the restaurant was very grand and sparkly, which is something that I look for when I'm thinking of going out for a nice meal, because it makes it feel a little bit more special.

Although the food was really really good, the price tag wasn't hefty. It was around £10-15 a main and about £5 a pudding, which to me was very reasonable.

If you're in Edinburgh, I would really recommend visiting Angel Share for some food as ours was beautiful and the atmosphere is really nice as well.

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  1. Woah, the food looks amazing ♥