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2016 #YearofYou

I feel like this is my year.

I'm not usually one to write posts like this. 2016 has got off to a bit of a rocky start for me, I feel a bit lost with what I'm doing, and where I see myself heading in the future. Inspired by the lovely lady that is Marissa Lace, I feel like this year should be the year I focus on myself. I'm the kind of person who tries to do everything to please other people, but doesn't really focus on themselves. I feel this is my biggest weakness. I care so much what people think of me that it's almost damaging. Even if I do the smallest thing wrong I will beat myself up over it, worry and lose sleep. This needs to stop. 
I want to be happy and to try and be a better person. Being a good person is not just about looking after others, it's about looking after yourself too. I'm not being selfish when I say that, but everyone is special, we are all here to enjoy life, have fun and do what we love to do. I feel like I am sick of wasting time caring what others thing about me. It's not even that I am unhappy, it can just be draining. 
I've began to read some quite inspirational books that I've been enjoying. I'm hoping these will help me be more confident in myself and my abilities. 
I want to take time for myself to do the things that I enjoy, such as this blog, and stop planning my life around others. I would like to try and post a bit more, with University it can be tough but I think that it is manageable and I feel like I really just need to get myself back on track with things.
A big goal of mine is to go traveling also, so saving up for that as that is a main priority in my eyes at the moment and something which would make me so happy.

I'm sorry for this rant of a post but sometimes I think it is better off to put your thoughts down, so when you feel down, you can read them and really think and motivate yourself to be a better person. 

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