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Help: Beautify Your Skin*

I am the worst at taking vitamins... I mean really.

I have tried so many times to regularly take vitamins and supplements that are good for my skin, but I am the worst, I always forget.
I was contacted by the lovely Works with Water. I was asked if I wanted to try one of their ranges, and I chose the Help: Beautify Skin because I like to keep my skin looking good all year round. 

'help: beautify skin helps keep your skin in tip-top condition as it is formulated with skin boosting ingredients with anti-ageing and skin regenerating properties'

These are jelly supplements which is what really drew me to it, you just eat the jelly inside the packet. It is a gorgeous apple flavour, which I really enjoyed, it tasted a bit like candy. 

I used one of these every morning for a month and my skin didn't really break out (apart from the obvious 'time of the month') I was really really pleased, sometimes in the winter my skin goes a bit wild because of the change of weather and temperature, but I noticed nothing changed, in fact it looked fresher than usual.

I loved the convenience of this product, no faffing on with face masks or taking disgusting supplement tablets. If you didn't have time on a morning you could pop one in your bag because they can be taken at any time of the day! 

If you like to look after your skin but feel like you don't have time i'd recommend this. 

They also have an ageing and breakout range - check out their website here!

*This product was sent to me as a PR sample - all opinions are my own.  

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