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Suede Skirt OOTD

I am literally loving this suede trend...

Just a quick little post appreciation for this suede skirt from New Look that I got.
I literally pair it with everything and anything so don't be surprised if you see it in a  later outfit post. 
It is so comfy and I think it makes it look like I've put in a lot more effort than I actually have!
Suede is really in this season and I feel like this is a staple item.
I'm sorry about the grainy photos in this post, I had my camera settings a little out of whack. Will be better next time I promise. 

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  1. You look lovely and that skirt is gorgeous - Definitely one of the best suede skirts I've seen x

  2. Love this outfit so much!
    Gemma xx

  3. Love the suede. This is so perfect for fall!

  4. Oooh that suede skirt is so pretty!! Its in such a unique shade of brown!

    x Carina
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