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My Favourite Autumn TV Shows

Now i'm a student and we all know that involves binge watching tonnes of tv shows...

I've teamed up with Panasonic on the launch of their new amazing tv (link here) to do a little post about my favourite TV shows. TV shows are great for autumn and winter, you can snuggle up under a duvet with a hot chocolate, it's great. 

Pretty Little Liars

As most early adult/late teen has been, I was totally addicted to this when all the hype started up on twitter about it. Pretty Little Liars is a murder mystery kind of show, but it is aimed at more girls than boys, I would say anyway. It focuses on 4 main characters, each who have different characteristics which I feel that you can relate too. The show drags you in and involves so much mystery that you are constantly looking for clues to see who A (the evil character) is. I don't want to put any spoilers in this as I think everyone should go and watch it. BEWARE - it's addictive.

Dexter is a forensic scientist buy day, serial killer by night. The characters in Dexter are very deep and compelling, each unravel and intertwine through out the series. Dexter has to be the most complex character within it, showing the inside thoughts of a sociopath and how he struggles to maintain an ordinary life. Each episode has you on the edge of your seat throughout, the way it's filmed, the character development, everything! Of course it ends on some kind of cliff hanger each week as well, making you excited for the next episode.

I've recently started watching American Horror Story with my boyfriend, and we're only just on the second series. When I started, I did wonder how they could make a scary plot line last a full series rather than just an hour or two, like a film. I can tell you now, they managed to do it. I spent half the first season hiding in to my pillow. The show is filled with suspense and unexpected twists and turns. I was scared, but I wanted to watch more. The story line flows nicely, maybe a little confusing at first, but everything is revealed at the end. I have heard that the first half of the series are always the scariest parts. 

All three of these series have been my favourite to watch so far, I wanted to write more, but I know I will end up giving spoilers AND everyone hates a spoiler in a review. 

If you want to get addicted to a series then try these ones! 

*this post was a collaboration but all views are my own*


  1. I love American Horror Story, it's so good! I've been binge watching Once Upon A Time, I'm addicted!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Its so good isn't it, fully addicted! x