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Dove Derma Spa Summer Revived

I am an avid fake tan lover, but I have been slacking in recent months....

I love the Palmers Coco Butter bronze lotion, and I popped in to Boots to grab some because I had ran out.  I am a student who has a very small budget for things like this around Christmas, so I was looking for some kind of offer, or something along them lines. So I left boots and headed to Superdrug, where I saw this Dove on sale - buy one get one free!

 I had never seen this version of the Dove self tanner and soon learnt it was from the new Derma Spa range, of most I had not used. 
The Derma Spa range has Cell Moisturisers in which are a new dermatological technology. These use natural seed oils to help lock in the moisture.
Dove says this leaves the skin glowing and full of moisture. 

Moisturising is something which is really important in the cold weather so I've been on top of my skincare. I really love this product, It does exactly what It says, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. I have also noticed that the bronzers in it do not streak much on be which is always a thing with gradual tan because you cannot see where it is applied. 

I would recommend anyone who loves a year long glow to try this.

Get the Summer Glow HERE

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