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The Autumn Tag 2015

As I've been feeling Ill and under the weather I thought that I'd just do a little tag about my favourite season...

1. Favourite thing about Autumn? 
I love the cosy feeling that Autumn gives me, I love sitting inside with a cup of tea or hot chocolate in a blanket with your S.O. 

Favourite Drink?
I am all about the Chai Latte, I really love them, they make me feel all warm and christmassy because of the cinnamon. I just generally love Hot Drinks and its even more acceptable to have 8 cups of tea a day in autumn....isn't it?

Favourite Scent? 
I love a candle that my friend Mat got me by Yankee Candle- in the scent Pain Au Raisin and it is absolutely lovely. It smells like pastry and vanilla and all things sweet and amazing. I am in love with it.

Best Lipstick?
Diva - MAC
I only just got it and I have worn it every day since, its the perfect autumn shade of red. 

Go to eyeshadow colour? 
I love earthy toned eyeshadows, I am quite tanned and these and golds seem to suit me really well. 

Favourite Music/band? 
I love what I deem to be 'coffee shop' music, the likes of Norah Jones, Ben Howard, Katie Melua... to name a few. They make me feel so cosy and content in the winter. 

Favourite thing to wear?
Over the Knee Boots- by far my favourite style staple... literally all I wear, anyone who knows me can verify this. They make an outfit look so much more put together and smart. They really are something I think everyone should own. 


  1. Chai lattes! Yum yum. Good choice.

    I just love Autumn.

  2. I'm with you on enjoying sitting snuggled up with a hot drink, it's the best! I love Yankee Candles too - my favourite has to be red raspberry though maybe that's not very Autumnal!

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  3. I love your blog!! It's amazing and lovely to read. Especially this post.:)

    1. Oh thank you what a lovely thing to say x

    2. Oh thank you what a lovely thing to say x

    3. I recently did the post.I don't mean to seem rude but I would love for you to check it out at