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Teasy Does It Heaton

I know I know, all I've been posting about is tea and coffee shops but let's face it, I'm a uni student and we love to eat out.

Tease Does It in the quirky and up and coming suburb that is Heaton, is a place in which I frequently used to wonder about. It wasn't until I wandered past the other day and saw that it had been refurbished did I think about going in. My mum was coming up for the day on Saturday and we decided to give it a try for breakfast. 
I thought about having a fancy cup of tea but it was morning and I just wanted a bit mug of English breakfast tea and she also had the same. I then had a sausage sandwich and as you can see by the pictures it was HUGE and I swear the bread was home made too which is certainly my downfall. My mum opted for something a little fancier and I guess classier than mine (but I'm a student who needs classy food really?!) she got mushrooms and tomatoes in a paprika sauce which she raved about for the next hour. 
The inside of the teahouse had that kind of shabby chic look that a lot of places are opting for right now with the upscaled furniture and mismatched cushions. 
I really enjoyed my little breakfast outing to Teasy Does It and the name is certainly catchy too. With it being in a prime student location it's easy to find and the prices are decent aswell. 
It's located on Heaton Park road and I would recommend everyone to try 


  1. The food looks delicious and it looks like a lovely little tea room. I love visiting them with my mum as there's something quite traditional and English about them, plus I love food! x

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  2. Looks lush! Was it busy when you went? I've heard it gets packed out