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Ringtons Tea Event

 Can you imagine how excited I was when a blogger invite from Ringtons tea swooped in to my twitter DM's?!?!

I attended Ringtons #ringtonsxmasparty last week with a few other North East Bloggers including the beaut Carli - ( We learnt so much about one of my favourite beverages - tea. 

Ringtons was established in 1907 by two men, the business progressed through the war and they have humbly delivered tea to peoples doors since then. (obviously a lot more went on in this time, but I know you just want to know about the tea). 

After learning about Ringtons and their 250 vans that deliver to 250,000 customers, we visited the tea tasting room *queue excited squeaks from Carli and I*

As you can see they had a variety of different teas for us to taste so we could assess what kind of flavours that we liked and to see all the wonderful blends that Ringtons offer to their customers. 

The tea tasting room itself was amazing, it was full of a vast amount of blends and they were all brewed using water from copper kettles because that makes the water boil at an even speed. 
We were shown by the TEA TASTING EXPERTS (yes thats a thing) how to taste the tea using a specific technique - which consisted of slurping it really loudly then spitting it out. Ofcourse none of us dared to try this and quite contently went along the row drinking every single tea.

We tried black teas, white teas and tonnes of different flavours. I especially loved the 'birds of paradise tea'. Doing the tasting made me realise that I really don't like the more 'flowery' tastes, they're too strong for my taste palette. 

Now we were full of tea, we headed back for party food and a chat. Before we left we were handed an early christmas present. I got given a huge box that must have been half my size. This was the Gold Gift Box(link here) - which is absolutely amazing, I will be slowly working my way through this (i've already eaten a packet of cookies). 

I'd love to thank Ringtons for this amazing afternoon, it was so interesting learning about different teas and meeting everyone at the offices. 

Have you tried any of Ringtons products? 



  1. I keep spamming you about the biscuits haha!

    BF sent away the Ringtons man yesterday as there was no cash in the house, he's coming back today with treats!

    Wait until the snowballs come out at Christmas I'm so excited. I'm like a Ringtons nerd <3

    1. I feel like buying you a pack the amount of love you have for them haha!!!
      Their Christmas stuff is amazing <3


  2. I am so gutted to have missed this!! It looks amazing - I didn't realise they did so many different blends! Lucy, xx