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Rimmel Apocalips Review + Swatches

I know I'm very late on the bandwagon with this one! But I'm glad I didn't miss it!

I went to a beauty outlet the other day and found these beauties for £3 which is an absolute steal compared to the prices of them in Boots and Superdrug. 
They are essentially a liquid matte lipstick, which I am not very familiar with. The texture is really velvety and they apply like a dream.
The red which is in the shade Across the Universe is very very pigmented which I love, I'm all for a bright lip. The only thing is that it sometimes it does smudge across my face but that might be my own fault whoops!. 
A pink is an unusual colour for me to pick, for some reason I just never really reach for a pink, maybe its just my skin tone. This is in the shade Celestial which is a really nice nudey kind of pink which is why I like it because it's not too in your face. 

Im so glad that I finally experienced what the hype was all about because literally every woman and her dog had tried these apart from me!


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