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No7 Beautiful Matte Foundation

I wanted to opt for a more affordable foundation, because I'm a student and luxuries aren't always available... 

Now I popped in to Boots and asked what foundation they would recommend that is full coverage almost equivalent to Double Wear - my go to. 
She used that clever device to match to my actual skin tone, however, as someone who wears fake tan quite a lot, it meant that it was way to pale for me so we went one shade up. 

The packaging of this is not the best, but it's nothing to complain about either. It's not going to look great on display but does the job. I like that it has a pump, because some of the high end ones don't and it can get a bit messy. 

The foundation is a safe one for me, it does everything that I need from a foundation, it covers my spots when I have them and it lasts pretty much all day. There is nothing with the WOW factor. I will use my high end ones when I want to feel fancy and go out. The consistency is quite thick which is nice because this is something I look for also, it's not watery. It also goes on easy and doesn't oxidise either. 

I would really recommend it however as a day to day one. I'd give this a little go if you're looking to explore and change foundations. 


  1. This looks like such a nice foundation-I will definitely have to look out for it next time I visit boots!


  2. This seems like a lovely foundation - one to try out!

    Lucy |

  3. This looks like it has a really lovely natural coverage, and definitely makes your skin look lovely :) x

  4. I've just gone the other way - from this foundation to Double Wear! I found that this one got really cakey around my oily t-zone, whereas Double Wear sucks it all up. I do love the pump and the plastic is easier to travel with compared to DW, but the finish is incomparable! Also the price of this is infinitely better :-) I'd be interested if you try any other affordable mattifying foundation!
    JH |