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8 Problems while Studying in Newcastle

I love studying in Newcastle it's an amazing city with loads to see, but it does have its downfalls especially when it comes to knuckling down and doing work - I'm looking at you, freshers.

1. The club scene 

Moving to Newcastle is great, there are club nights on all the time...every single night of the week. BRILLIANT you may say, but when you're actually trying to do a degree its not really the best thing to be going out every single night, I mean yeah its great but them 9am's wont happen when you're out till 4 will they?!  
You will get dragged out when you don't want to, and you won't say no, it's very hard to when you live in one of the liveliest cities in the North East. 

 2.The ridiculously cheap alcohol 

You go out and say to yourself, oh I won't drink that much I've not got much money or I'm in Uni tomorrow , I'll just have a quiet night. Well think again! As soon as you step foot in town the cheap drink deals will clutch you and never let you go. "You need those 3 trebles for £5.50" they will say to you, realistically no one needs to drink THREE WHOLE trebles. But you will. 

3. The Promoters 

Another influence, they'll add you on Facebook, message you and add you to every single event that is happening in Newcastle. EVERY SINGLE WEEK. 
"Who cares about exams when you can go to _______ event!" they'll post, and you'll feel the pressure. Every event invite is an opportunity and excuse for a night out. You'll have more event leaflets under your doors than you'll know what to do with, and they'll even stop you in the street. 

4. The Hangovers

You did it, you caved and went out and it was great! Newcastle is great! Until your alarm goes off and you wake up for your 9am lecture looking a little like this...

5. The Cold 

Not only are you hungover, you may well be from down south and as you are well aware the North East has a sub climate of its own which is a good few degrees colder than you're probably used too.
Looking outside your window and its absolutely pouring down (the usual in Newcastle) you think, oh I'll just stay in bed who needs lectures anyway.

6. Shopping 

You've made it, you're done at Uni for the day and its 2pm, why go home yet? What is there to do at home?! Walking in to town and you think oh I'll just look about and window shop. But there it is, in one for the 100's of amazing clothing shops that Newcastle has, the perfect new item of clothing. One that would make everyone at Uni look at you, make you feel FAB, and you just have to have it. 
There goes another dint in the good old overdraft but at least you can walk in to uni like this...

7. Places to Eat

As you may know, Newcastle is a big city and this means there is tonnes of amazing places to eat, on every single corner a new restaurant or cafe pops up. Us students love food, we say 'oh I'll bring my own food tomorrow' and we never do, there is so much choice and so many unbelievable places. 
Regardless of the fact you have no money, you will still find yourself munching on a burrito in student favourite Zapatista. Cheers to That.

8. Money 

As you can see by all the reasons above, Newcastle comes at a cost, and everything is hard to resist, its a students dream. When you say hello to Newcastle... You say Hello to the Overdraft.

However, regardless of all these, Newcastle is a fantastic city and there really is lots of things to do and see here. If you're thinking of coming to study or just for a weekend a way I would really recommend that you do it, you won't regret it.

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