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The Olde Young Teahouse - Middlesbrough

I recently popped in to my lovely friend Carli from's teahouse in Middlesbrough town centre. I had been meaning to try here for a long time after being an avid Instagram follower for a good year or so. 

What gave me a kick up the bum to go was our little trip to Edinburgh, and with my mums birthday coming up it was the perfect opportunity to do so. 
I booked a table just for tea and cakes on the Thursday afternoon, and I'm glad I did, the teahouse was so busy there wasn't a spare seat, which obviously reflects the love people have for it. 

On arrival the lovely Teabee Megan Jane Lillie of took mum, grandma's and my order. I got the Sleeping Beauty tea (their recommendation) and a cherry scone, my mum got the same. My grandma got a latte and a fruit scone. 

We all loved the scones they were absolutely delicious, you could get them warm or cold which was a nice touch and were served with jam and butter (my favourite). I absolutely adored the sleeping beauty tea, it's started a new obsession with it and I might have to purchase some for myself. It was just so tasty and fruity compared to a normal green tea which most people turn their noses up at. My grandma also said her latte was nice. 
The selections of cakes was lovely too, my mum and grandma went back for seconds and had the chocolate cake which looked divine. 

The interior of the teahouse is a shabby chic look, and very vintage which was very cute, as was the old style music playing, it really gave the place an atmosphere. All the teabees were dressed in lovely little aprons that matched the decor. 

If you're a lover of tea and cake and are in the area I would 100% reccomend popping in to the teahouse but to be safe I would ring and book. 
They also offer an afternoon tea for £10 per head. 



  1. Awwww Amy! I LOVE it! Your photography is soon nice too!! Miss your face x x

  2. I do love a good scone and a nice cup of Earl Grey. This place sounds like it's good value.