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Tea Sutra Newcastle

My lovely friend Emily and I popped in to a tiny hidden away teahouse in Newcastle that I'd heard a lot about. 

Tea Sutra is completely hidden away if you weren't already looking for it, it is behind Eldon Square above a costume shop called Magic Box. It purely serves tea so coffee lovers reading this, I'm sorry. The decor inside Tea Sutra is really bohemian with Moroccan and Indian vibes. It is very rustic looking unlike some of the quirky floral themed tea houses that are popping up everywhere. 

From what I gathered from the menu, it is purely vegetarian and some what healthy. We had the soup which was lentil and butternut squash, it was delicious and really filling, so much so that neither of us finished the whole bowl. It also came with either fresh bread and hummus or rice cakes. We also both got a different pot of tea each, I had the mango sencha which was lovely and fruity and Emily had the chai of the day which she said was really warming and spicy. The pots in which the tea came were also really quirky which matches the whole theme of the teahouse, coming with a 3 minute egg timer to let the tea brew. 

Overall, I had a really lovely time catching up in the teahouse with one if my friends, the food was absolutely lovely and hearty and the tea was also delicious, but I'm an all round tea lover so of course I enjoyed it. I'd say that if you're in the area or a student here in Newcastle then Tea Sutra is definitely worth a trip too as the atmosphere is calm and it's really inexpensive. 


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  1. Oh my gosh, this looks incredible! Definitely must pay here a visit when I'm in Newcastle next!

    Megan xo
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty & Fashion Blog