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Staying Healthy with Savse Juices*

I absolutely love trying new health foods and drinks, as a student I am always looking for good cheap ways to stay healthy.

We all know the recent juicing craze that has been in the media 24/7 this year. 

Savse Juices are cold press juices that are 'crammed full of goodness', you may have seen them in the likes of Boots in the UK where you can get them in their lunch time meal deal.
I'm not normally one to try smoothies because I don't really like bitty drinks and find them really hard to swallow. That said, I also am very very bad at eating my 5 a day and barely reach the full amount.
The lovely people at Savse asked me if I wanted to try these and I am so glad that I said yes. 

Firstly, the packaging of the bottles is lovely, they're just the right size, and fairly slim so they easily slot in your handbag. The colours are also very vibrant which appeals to me completely as they look kind of summery and cute. 

The collection that stood out for me was the Get the Glow one. 
'We invited nutritional health coach and best-selling author Madeleine Shaw into the kitchen with our mum, Nina, to create a special range of juices to help you glow from head to toe.

These were three flavours of juice as you can see in the first picture. My favourite was the white smoothie as it tasted like a delicious Pina Colada, but minus the alcohol. As a bit of a gym nut, I also loved that it contained Whey Protein. 

I feel like these smoothies are really a great way to get in some of the days vegetables and fruits in a tasty way. They may not be something you can drink everyday because of the price but as a treat they are lovely. I will for sure be taking them to University with me day to day as a quick snack and pick me up to sip on. 


*These products were sent to me by Savse Smoothies but this does not affect my views in this post.


  1. These juices sound amazing! I love pina coladas, so I need to get my hands on the white one, it would be great to have a healthy alternative! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. I've been getting into my juices and smoothies again recently, these sound delicious - especially if one tastes of pina colada. Lucy at Lucyy Writes x