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InstaNatural Argan Oil

When I was contacted by Insta Natural to review a bottle of Argan Oil, I kindly accepted because I have long unruly hair and I don't own many products that will help tame it. 

I bought some argan oil before online for relatively cheap before, and it came in a plastic bottle which 1. leaked everywhere and 2. it is meant to decrease the uses of the oil. 
When I used this one it made my hair all greasy and didn't really serve a purpose.
However, with this Insta Natural one, I just put a tiny bit on the tips of my fingers to warm it up and then apply it to wet/damp hair before I blow dry it and It makes so much of a difference, I normally have a really hard time detangling after it has been dried but this has reduced that by about 5-10 minutes. my hair doesn't seem to matt up naturally when I use this which is great. 
This might not be for everyone though, I myself have not got really greasy hair and can go a good few days between washes. I feel like if you're already prone to grease this may not be the best, but again it's specific to individuals. 

I am yet to use this as a moisturiser because I am such a great lover of coco butter and Garnier Body oil, but I will definitely give it a try. 

Have you used Argan Oil before? Did it benefit you? 


* this product was sent to me for review, this however does not affect the views in this post and they are all off my own accord
DISCLAIMER: Some of my posts may contain PR samples which have been gifted to me from a brand, however if they are featured in my blog then all opinions are my own.
Amy x


  1. Great post! I've never used argan oil before, but you just really made me want to! :)
    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

  2. I have never used argan oil before but I want to now. Hahaha :)

    Lee |

  3. Love argan oil - so good for the hair and skin! xxx

    Karan| studentbeautyhack

  4. You don't need to settle for bunched up or fragile hair. Give the genuine excellence access your hair radiate


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